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Project Teams

The content of the initial resource was commissioned by NHS Education for Scotland (NES) and produced by the Autism Team at the University of Birmingham (Professor Rita Jordan, Dr Karen Guldberg , Dr Glenys Jones, Andrea MacLeod and Lynn Plimley ) in collaboration with the NES Autism Spectrum Disorder Steering Group (Jim Leask, Fiona Rogan, Jim Taylor, Wendy Johnston, Theresa Murphy, Mary Mack, Chris Barson, Anne Aberdein, Bernadette Campbell, Mary Mitchell, Jane Cantrell, Sarah Ward, Kate Lyons, Colin Sanders, Audrey-Joan Reyburn and acknowledgements to Alison Leask for her invaluable input).

Since the original web resource was developed the Scottish Government commissioned NES Psychology to develop a specialist Autism workstream to support the Scottish Strategy for Autism (2011). This included commissioning and developing face-to-face training and updating the existing autism web resource which continued to be valued as an excellent resource for primary care practitioners. This work was conducted by the NES autism project managers, Dr Janine Robinson and Dr Gail Milroy, under the direction of Marie Claire Shankland, the NES director of the Autism workstream in Psychology. Whilst not contributing to the revisions or developments, the original project teams were consulted about the revisions and agreed to the process.

NES would like to acknowledge the particular support and feedback from the autism community in considering the approach and content of the initial resource. Thom Kirkwood, Michael Dawson and Kabie Brook  (and in particular ARGH) spent considerable time reviewing the resource and obtaining feedback from others in the broader autism community regarding the content of the resource and how confident they might feel accessing primary care services where the staff had been aware of and utilized this resource.


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