Age: 4

Daniel is four years old and attends a children’s centre. He has good language skills and does well academically, accessing all aspects of the early years curriculum. Daniel’s mother brings him up alone and has come to see you because Daniel is becoming very anxious, saying ‘When am I going to big school?’ over and over. This is happening both at home and at nursery and Daniel is finding it difficult to settle to anything. He is also finding it difficult to sleep at night because he is anxious.


  • Ask Daniel’s mother about when Daniel will be moving to ‘big school’.
  • Suggest a meeting with nursery, Daniel’s mother and school in order to develop a transition plan for Daniel.
  • If at all possible, suggest to Daniel’s mother that you will also attend this meeting so you can monitor whether Daniel’s anxiety levels decrease.
  • Suggest that Daniel’s mother and nursery staff take some photos of the new school, Daniel’s new teacher and other staff and that they make a picture book for Daniel.
  • Suggest that nursery staff should take Daniel to visit his new school.
  • Suggest that Daniel’s mother buys a calendar to visually show Daniel how long it will be until he starts at the new school.


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