Sun Li

Age: 5

Sun Li, who is five years old, has come to the clinic because he has not developed any anticipation of needing the toilet. Sun Li’s mum says her son gets very engrossed in his collection of toy cars and although she reminds him about going to the toilet, he waits until it is too late and will wet and soil himself. His toy car collection must be at his side wherever he is and he will play with their wheels while his Mum attends to his care needs. Sun Li has brought 2 cars with him to the setting.


  • Show an interest in Sun Li’s cars.
  • Find out from Mum what toilet training has been attempted with Sun Li to date.
  • Talk to Mum about Sun Li’s current toileting patterns and habits.
  • Agree with Mum an initial treatment plan to undertake non-invasive testing to discount a physical cause.
  • In liaison with relevant people (e.g. Mum, Health Visitor, School contact) agree a toilet training plan, using toy cars as incentives.
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